The Aryans School,Kolkata

149, B.T. Road, Kamarhati,Kolkata-700058


Every moment of birth is an occasion of profound happiness-so is the birth of The Aryans School. An Aryan is supposed to be an embodiment of essence of the Indian values that fit harmoniously in the Great Plan of Creation of this World. It is this legacy that student of our school is meant to be carrying throught her / his life, as an alumnus. We ,at the Aryans are constantly striving to instil in our children the values, the morals and the ethics that tend to transcend all man made barriers and pseudo definitions of fragmentation within the human society.

The Aryans School aspires to be one of the most progressive and proactive Educational Institutions of north Kolkata initially and to gain recognition as a ‘School of Excellence’ across the country in the future.

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