Kalyani Public School ,Kolkata

Moinagadi, Noapara, Barasat, Kolkata - 700125


The school has a term of highly qualified trained and experienced teachers selected purely on merit basis. In the primary wing, most of the lady teachers are convent educate and kindergarten trained. Nursery classes are dominated by the play-way method. Special cassettes train the kids in copying correct pronunciation and lilting tunes in rhymes and recitation periods. In secondary and senior secondary wings the management has appointed some model hands in key subjects to cater to the educational needs of the pupils so that they can keep abreast of modern times which is headed by an experienced lady educationist Mrs. Rupa Dey as principal.

The temple of learning is a new five storied megabuilding specially built for the purpose of study in a healthy atmosphere. It has spacious and well-ventilated rooms with all the facilities including separate toilets on each floor for boys and girls. It has a well-furnished library and computer room with all the equipment’s necessary for and required by the students. There are well-equipped physics, chemistry and Biology laboratories for the practical classes. All other departments are also well equipped with various teaching to the students.

The syllabus school system:

The school strictly follows CBSE, New Delhi syllabus. A well-planned term wise syllabus is provided to every student with the calendar for:

  1. Examination Schedule
  2. Miscellaneous Activities and
  3. Celebration along with the examination scheme and promotion rule at the beginning of the session, 1st Language - English. 2nd Language - Hindi/Bengali, 3rd Language – Hindi/Bengali.
  1. The teaching methodology is innovative and child-centred. This encourages the children to be keen learns and also to think rationally.
  2. The pre-primary stage encourages the children to gradually adjust to the school environment, We being with developing each child’s area of interest to make him/her feel confident and at home in the school.
  3. At the primary level, children are encouraged to grow their own pace enabling the teachers to draw out the best from them.
  4. The middle school syllabus is a fine blend of academic and extracurricular activities. The creativity and latent talent in each child takes a concrete shape here.
  5. In the senior school, stress is laid on academics so that the pupils are well prepared for the ensuring Board Examination.
  6. Moral & value education is a literal part of the school system.

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