Iem Public School,Kolkata

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IEM Public School has a rich tradition of co-curricular activities which are meant to enable the children to acquire an interest in performing arts and events like debate, group discussion, extempore, elocution quiz, etc. These lead to a harmonious development of physical, moral, aesthetic, and intellectual levels. Every child is quired to participate in one or more of these activities according to his/her interest and aptitude.


Sit and Draw Competition


A ‘sit and draw’ competition was organized by IEM Public School on the 28th of October,2017. The competition commenced at 10 a.m. We had a great response from the children. They were very enthusiastic about the competition. The children were divided into

three groups – A, B, and C. The time limit for group A was 1 hour, wherein they had to color the ‘umbrella’ and the theme for groups B and C was open to their imagination. The children expressed their feelings through art. Participation certificates were given to all the children and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions were awarded from all three groups. A special medal was also awarded to Devangi Dutta. We are waiting for an exciting response on the 11th of November as well, for another round of the ‘sit and draw’ competition.


Co -Curricular

Art & craft, music, dance, meditation, p.t, games - basketball, football, roller skates, taekwondo, smart class, english lab and tab activities, educational tours, skit, storytelling and library.


Students of all classes are given training in various kinds of dance such as classical, folk and western dances. The school believes that dance is essential for school students.


Dance is a way of movement that uses the body as an instrument of expression and communication. Through dance students learn teamwork, leadership, focus and improvisational skills.

It improves coordination, agility, flexibility, balance, physical confidence and mental functioning. Dance classes are conducted by experienced and competent dance teachers.


Children at IEM Public School are taught both Western and Indian songs. A sense of harmony develops in learning vocal music.

Sports Desk

Children at IEM Public School enjoy sports.

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