The Sky World School Sector 21,Panchkula

Site 1, Sector 21, Panchkula, Haryana 134112



Sports create an equal opportunity to shine and grow as the greatest lessons of life are learnt on the field. Sports help children to deal with their emotions and give them a pathway to channelize their energy in a positive way. At Sky World School, all students are expected to play games regularly as physical education is an integral part of our curriculum. The enthusiastic players choose from an array of sports and physical activities like football, cricket, basketball, Tae-kwon-do, badminton, table tennis, cricket, yoga and athletics. Students get the opportunity to learn in the hands of qualified/specialized coaches. Our students regularly participate in the district, state and national level tournaments. Mini Olympics is an annual event generating great excitement as a culmination of a year long competition.


The school is equipped with a modular science laboratory with modern facilities covering various branches of Science.It is well ventilated and natural light on the spacious work areas accommodating about 30 students at a time. The lab proudly owns the various scientific charts, specimens, apparatus of excellent quality and best standards.High-definition compound microscopes are regularly used by the children to study microbes, cells, tissues, etc. Apart from the latest scientific equipment, there is a smart board for effective teaching. The stock of the laboratory includes various students’ projects and innovative working and still scientific modular inventions. The lab is a place of practical application, learning, teamwork and most importantly exchange of ideas. The entire setup is meticulously maintained and managed by highly experienced staff.

Computer Lab

The school’s computer lab has more than 50 computers designed as per the latest technology which allows a whole class to work in the lab together and every child gets an individual computer. The lab is well ventilated and equipped with facilities of printers and white board.The high speed internet and wi-fi connectivity enables our students and the teachers to work together on various projects and assignments. The systems are upgraded on time to incorporate the latest trends. Besides studying their curriculum, children use the systems for preparing presentations and useful software for various school activities as well as learn coding.


The school’s pride is its well furnished library, a flexible space with a wide range of various resources to support the learning and teaching process within the school. A hub of knowledge, suitable conducive environment to everyone who seeks to gain knowledge contained in books. The books are updated from time to time keeping in mind the changing interest of our students.


Sky World School was designed while taking into consideration the requirements of all students. Our classrooms are created to encourage positivity and engagement among students.. Our bright walls, spacious classrooms and open hallways give our students a welcoming environment during their time at the school. Our IT enabled classrooms are equipped with some of the best audio-visual aids like smart boards,projectors etc. The teachers are updated with the latest methods, tools and techniques to impart the necessary education.


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