Star World Public School ,Balrampur

Tulsipur, Tulsipur Balrampur, Balrampur - 271208

Our Motto

Faith and Service is the motto of our school with an emblem of open book. This reveals that nothing is remain closed behind a wide spread knowledge and wisdom rather the inherent relents of students need to expose.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to educate our children not merely for living but for life. A life lived should be meaningful, positive and propelling towards the intended goal. Children under our guidance could aim for the so called impossible, build a strong willpower which would give them the strength to achieve- To fight for the right without question or cause, to be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.Academic excellence definitely is the backdrop in this pursuit of life, however, achievable according to the aptitude of the individual child, synchronized in a harmonious environment. A child after taking education in Starwards Public School develops a spirit of universal humanism and a cosmic vision.





1. What are its hours of operation ?

The establishment is functional on Monday:- 5:30 Am - 5:30 Am Tuesday:- 5:30 Am - 5:30 Am Wednesday:- 5:30 Am - 5:30 Am Thursday:- 5:30 Am - 5:30 Am Friday:- 5:30 Am - 5:30 Am Saturday:- 5:30 Am - 5:30 Am Sunday:- 5:30 Am - 5:30 Am

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