B-1-Z, Main Hambran Rd, Block A, Balmiki Nagar, Rishi Nagar, Ludhiana


Amenities Offered at PEKS World School

1. Jumpers & Shakers Area: PEKS World School offers a vibrant atmosphere for children to help them learn enthusiastically with a gleam of smile and playful energy so that they can learn, explore and flourish their creativity naturally. 2. Athletic Zone: To encourage students in sports activities, the school offers children a separate athletic zone with separate training facilities to help children manifest healthy competition and teamwork. 3. Dining Area: The school dreams to provide children with the perfect learning ecosystem to help them develop important life skills along with academics. To make their dreams transform into reality, they have developed an excellent dining area to teach children dining etiquette. 4. Theatre Zone: Smart classrooms at PEKS World School offer students with more advanced education resulting in improving the imagination power by learning while viewing it. Most interestingly, the school is equipped with a theatre zone which is unique from other pre-schools all across India. 5. Bed Manners Area: PEKS World School is equipped with central AC, spacious classrooms along with eminent lighting, smart boards, and comfortable seating. Moreover, the school has a special bed manners are to help them learn bed manners. 6. A Mood Changing Room: The architecture of the school is full of safety, and all-around development and worthy of every penny spent by the parents as a fee. The school is designed with incorporating all the basic and special needs for the overall development of the students. They highly believe in the fact that excellent faculty along with good premises is the perfect combination for schooling. To make their dream turn into reality, the school introduces a new concept by providing students with a luxury mood-changing room. 7. Play Area: The school is well equipped with excellent and engaging toys to keep their mood intact. Moreover, these playing equipment work excellently as learning tools for the children. After all, PEKS World School is all set to introduce the concept of global learning for the very first time in India where every child will be given individual care, love, learning as well as priority. 8. Car Racing Area: PEKS World School aims to create a fantasy world with complete safety and security that your child deserves to be in. The school has An exclusive car-racing area to offer students too much fun and adventure. 9. Café: The school not only provides special facilities to the students, but they care for the needs of the parents. The school has an exclusive café with a pleasant ambiance as a waiting place for the parents. 10. Play Park: Vast playground with an attractive play park with a wide range of outdoor sports activities. They aim to effectively promote the importance of outdoor activities like sports and quick fun hours. 11. Swimming Pool: PEKS World School tries its best to offer its students all the excitement by bringing all the luxuries and fun together. It is the only school with swimming along with complete safety and security. CCTV cameras, elevators, and security guards on duty across the entire building ensure your child's security and safety.


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