Oxford House School ,Kolkata

49B, Ballygunge Place,Kolkata - 700019


School Environment

Oxford House School offers an all-encompassing learning environment for children. All classes, from Nursery – XII, have a 1:20 teacher:student ratio, ensuring that each child gets personal attention from the teachers while growing in a classroom environment. Believing in educating without burdening, the school stresses on learning during class hours, and minimises the efforts that have to be put in at home by discouraging homework assignments.

Extra Curricular Activities

Besides academics, the school takes particular care of each student’s extra-curricular growth as well.

– dance
– karate
– singing
– yoga
– art
– craft
– sports
classes are placed into the school’s timetables to ensure the all-round growth of its students.


Active participation of the school in a number of inter-school events further provides a platform for students to showcase and strengthen their talents.

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