Muni International School ,Delhi

A-2/16-18, Mohan Garden,Uttam Nagar, New Delhi

Why Us

Why Muni International Students are achievers in their life:

  • Every students can speak, read and write one foreign language (Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish and Arabic)

  • We are not Google

  • Every student has to take up an extracurricular activity like music, drawing, painting, debate, public speaking or any other specific activity chosen by the student and approved by the student council.

  • Any one self-defence sports like judo, karate, wrestling, mulkhamb(Pole Climbing), Boxing etc.

  • Teacher is just a facilitator and not a Teacher: Higher class student teaches Junior students on a regular basis. This makes every student not only a good teacher but also trains them for leadership roles later in life.

  • The importance of living with nature is taught by being caring about the environment.

Our Belief

What we Believe in:

  1. Every human being is born with one very unique talent. Our single minded effort is to identify that talent in a child and make him or her aware that there lies his/her future and help them to achieve their full potential in that direction.While concentration is important for students, we take them one level above concentration, which is meditation.
  2. It is estimated that a person uses on an average only 4 to 5% of his/her brain capacity. Our endeavour is to enhance it to a higher level. Albert Einstein’s usage was estimated to be 7.5%.


SQEP – School Quality Enhancement Program

Education – Education in everyone’s life has a major role towards development and progress in it. When we are observing a common man’s enthusiasm towards education who – due to couple of reasons – might have missed it in their own time but approaching it for their children, it is inspiring and motivating us them to respect it and make it a real education instead of a big burden of note-books.

SDMC has identified our genuine and honest methodology of quality education and provided the responsibility of 3 of it’s schools under a unique mission – SQEP (School Quality Enhancement Program) which are SDMC Khadkhadi Jatmal,SDMC Surhera ,SDMC Subhash Nagar.

We are on it because this is what we are made for, but with a challenge of 8 other NGOs working for the same mission in different Schools. Taking it as a challenge to implement the objectives of education, we have delivered the results such a way that the “Khadkhadi Jatmal School” driven by the education methodology of Muni International School is an inspiration and a model for others.

We are glad to inform that 5 APS (Affordable Private Schools) are willing to follow the educational methodology of Muni International School which was proposed to fund by GRAY MATTER CAPITAL.While it is a proud moment for us, we also accept the responsibility to maintain the same standard for all the temples of education which is also known as “Schools”.

Accolades :

  • Declare one of top 15 in the world by UNESCO
  • Change Maker School by Ashoka Foundation (U.S.A.)
  • Regarded India’s No. 1 on city, state and country level announced and awarded by Education World Magazine for two consecutive years.
  • “Best Education” and “Innovative Methodology” award by Prakh Foundation
  • Japan selected Muni International as the only partner school in India for the student exchange program, largely for collaboration among nations via education and culture.
  • SDMC provided three primary schools and 10 APS (Affordable Private Schools) as model in neighboring area to Muni International School to replicate its model.
  • Muni has its two own school.
  • Delhi State Government Education Board requested Muni International to train its Model school principal for enhancing effectiveness of teachers.
  • International Assessments of class I, III and V are done by renowned NGO Education Alliance and have been applauded at a very high level.
  • Appreciated by Waterloo University.
  • Honored by NIER (National Institute for Education & Research).
  • Conferred with the Rajdhani Gaurav Award – 2010 by Jan Sanskriti, NGO for Social Justice .
  • Received Sh. F.B Nigam Award for year 2011 .
  • Received ‘Navratan Award of the Year for Excellence in Education’ by prestigious Navratan Society in Noida.
  • Conferred with Jan Samman for 2012 by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Charitable Trust.
  • Many documentaries and write ups have been done on school’s innovative pedagogy.
  • School is also associated with British Council Online School in which students interact for mutual understanding through all means of mass communication. This all helps to build them as global citizens.
  • Interviewed by the likes of NDTV, Sahara TV channels for introducing a unique education system in their school .

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