Little Genius Preschool and Kindergarten,Ahmadabad City

GF, FF Ratnakar Halcyon Next to Aangan party plot Jodhpur Gam Road Satellite-Ahmedabad- 380015

Day Care

Little Genius Day Care is more than just a day care, we work with you to make the transition a smooth and happy time, creating a strong bond and a setting that feels like second home.

Mother Toddler Program

Mother Toddler Programme is an informal session where mothers & babies meet to socialize in a relaxed environment. Each session includes a programme of activities such as music, art & play including in a small session

Nursery Program

Our Nursery curriculum focuses on A-S-K framework (Attitude - Skills - Knowledge) which includes the building of creativity, language skills and concept knowledge alongside character and attitudes.

Junior Kindergarten Program

In Jr. Kg class embarked on a structured phonics program to help them acquire skills to blend and decode words in their early reading adventures. plete all letter sounds in Jr. Kg before progressing to digraphs and trigraphs subsequently

Senior Kindergarten Program

In our Sr. Kindergarten program we prepare kids prepare for primary school, our Kindergarten Programme equips preschoolers with foundational concepts, attitudes and knowledge for the bigger challenges ahead.


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