Holy Trinity School,Delhi

Opposite Singla Sweets, IP Extension, Patparganj, Delhi - 110092


Age Group:

1.5 -2.5 years

This group includes the youngest of all. At Holy Trinity school special and personal attention is given to each and every child by our well equipped and qualified staff. Classrooms provide a stimulating environment that helps each child to thrive by making exceptional changes from their individual starting points. Children are given opportunities to find things out and explore to play to concentrate and to be involved at to keep trying and enjoy achieving what they set out to do.


Age group:

2.5 years to 3 years

At Holy Trinity school after neev the child is promoted to Ankur where the child recapitulare their previous knowledge and know how to start using a pencil also they continue to explore their diverse surroundings. We mainly focus on improving the child’s finger dexterity and hand gripping along with social aesthetic and motor skills. This program improves the child’s latent language and numerals.


Age Group :

3+ Years

At Holy Trinity school after Ankur the child is promoted to Saksham where the child is throughly  involved in activities like reading, writing counting, problem solving in a fun and Joyous manner. co- curricular activities like the dance theatre music  and craft Taekwondo etc. Where we prepare our kids to get set for the real world. A firm Foundation is constructed so that they are confident enough to showcase their viewpoint.


At Holy Trinity school after Saksham the child is promoted to Udaan where word formation is given top priority. Also confidence and hands mint is given equal weightage in this program. We give meaningful and progressive learning.


In Udaan, we prepare our children to enter a formal school with positive mind set and confidence so that they get to see success. Several activities are done in this program in order to make them aware about their surroundings. Alphabet and phonetics, numbers and basic calculations and early writing skills
Individual child assessment is done for every child thrice in a year

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