Flying Colours English Medium School,Nashik

Ashwin Nagar, Pathardi Phata, Nashik - 422009

About Us

Standing apart from the rest is Flying Colours English Medium School in Nashik with its well defined morals and teachings. The school made its presence felt in the city in 2004. From then on it has made and continues to make a significant mark on the students that pass out from here. The school stands on a strong foundation that has been built from high standard values and immense respect for another. Along with the academics that it pays great attention to, it inculcates in its students the understanding of how to deal with various life situations too. The school is well recognised in the educational sector and across the city too. Owning a chief location in the place, the establishment is convenient for a number of the students. One can spot the college on Ashwin Nagar which would be right next to Near Sambhaji Stadium which is also a major landmark in the vicinity. The neighbourhood is well connected and for older students who travel on their own, transport to various parts of the city is easily available.

Why name as 'Flying Colours School'

Colours attract us and are essential part of our daily life. Nature is colourful but lifestyle leaves us with stress, anger and ailment. Natural colours relax tense muscles, they lower our heart beats and pulse rate and help keep your BP normal. Colours also affect the vastu of a house and can help in reducing stress and anxiety. When light enters the body through the eyes or skin, it travels the neurological path to the pineal glands of the brain and ensures proper functioning of various organs. Just as a balanced diet, consisting of different coloured fruits, vegetables and grains give us all the necessary nutrients for a healthy body, so also sunlight provides us with all the essential elements, consisting of different coloured energy rays, so necessary for healthy living. Ingested food also carries coloured ray energy in it. If we do spectrum analysis of individual food items, we get colour spectrum on the screen. With a varied coloured balanced diet, we make our bodies healthy. Healthy body ensures healthy mind. Knowing this paramount of colours to life, Swapnil Education Society chose the name FLYING COLOURS SCHOOL, so that every moment teachers, students and parents are reminded importance of colours and make best use to ensure healthy body and healthy mind.

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