Eureka Scholars School,Nashik

Gat No -891, Shertati Road, Adgaon, Nashik - 422003

Music Programs

To train students to acquire music skills and learn to play the instruments like Harmonium, Tabla, Guitar, Keyboard.


Debate Class

Debate enhances skills of researching, organizing, and presenting information in a compelling fashion.

Languages Club

The Languages Club is a platform for students to indulge their interest in foreign languages and in language-learning.

Art Board Classes

Whether you're an expert in artistic fields or a budding artist, the Art Board is here to assist you improve what you have to offer.

Sports Programs

We develop more active, energetic and physically fit children through our Sports club. Because we believe that “Healthy Body Has a Healthy Mind”.


Dance Class

To train students to become professional dancers. Dance is an expression of our inner mind. It is a beautiful art form to learn and preserve cultural heritage. It develops concentration power and physical abilities.

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