Dolna Day School,Kolkata

P-V. CIT Scheme Kasba III, Rashbehari Connector,Kolkata - 700042

Message from the Founder

Message to Students: Be truthful as truth can never be changed Be upright as that will bring respect. Show respect to all as that will bring grace to life Learn to love and care and love will be showered on you. Learn to give from your heart and you will receive more than you have given. Do not let anger take hold of you, smile and be patient, turbulent waves can never help, the soft ripples in water soothe and cure. Your teachers will guide you towards knowledge but it is for you to reach out to it. No one can give you knowledge unless you strive to receive it. Work well with love and strength to build a house in which your loved ones will take refuge. Above all, remember : God lives within you. Whenever in doubt, ask your conscience and you will know which path to tread. Do not be hasty in judging people. Think first. Be patient. In all your friends you will find a little of yourself. Build your friendship on that but build up strength to remain your own self and not get lost in a crowd.

Message to Parents: Thank you for wishing me every morning when I pass by. Your love and concern gives me strength even at this age to come to my beloved home, Dolna, to enrich my life watching the children bubbling with life, to be startled and delighted when suddenly little voices call out from the garden window, or rush into my room to show me something precious, or just drop in for a short chat. Love and concern make up the Dolna family and ………… YOU ARE FAMILY. Only do not burden your children with your ambitions. They are individuals with a right to childhood. Do not please them with toys – give them time. It does not have to be “quality time”. Just relax, let them speak, hold them close; your love is what matters to them most. Adults may disagree, argue and at times be unhappy but do not let your displeasure, anger or tears upset your child. They tend to lose confidence both in you and in themselves. Love and spoil your children the first three years of their life. Then teach them to accept the word NO, otherwise later in life, they will find it difficult to deal with situations that may be hurtful. Be their friend when they step into their teens. They will assume they understand life better than you. Just have patience. Friendly guidance with clear reasons will bring them back to you. Children always understand reasons and reasonableness.



1. What are the various mode of payment accepted here ?

You can make payment Via Cash, Master Card, Visa Card, Debit Cards, Cheques, American Express Card, Credit Card.

You can easily locate the establishment as it is in close proximity to Near Rashbehari Connector Bijan Setu.

The establishment is functional on Monday:- 9:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Tuesday:- 9:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Wednesday:- 9:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Thursday:- 9:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Friday:- 9:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Saturday:- Closed Sunday:- Closed

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