Bridge International School ,Kolkata

77/1/1 Hazra Road Kolkata - 700029

Montessori and Nursery

We take pride in being an institution of learning where we combine the best of Montessori and traditional methods to stimulate the child’s intelligence and ability to think and reason. This sets an excellent pace of learning for the future, while ensuring their optimal intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development.


The Pre-school is open to children of ages 2 years and above. The timings are 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Primary school

The subjects taught are: English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Computers. There is a choice between Hindi, Bengali and French .

The activities offered are: Craft, Violin, Brain gym, Violin, Synthesizer, Handwriting and Roller Skates.


Students can opt for any two activities. The classes are held after school. The primary section too follows the Cambridge International Primary Programme. The teaching is based on the principle of concentration and activity. This helps
the child to acquire knowledge through his own active endeavour. The underlying guiding principle is “Learning by doing”

Middle School

Middle school curriculum. The subjects taught are: English Language and Literature, History, Geography, Mathematics, Computer and the Science subjects. The students are given a choice between Hindi, Bengali, and French.


Classes are interactive and hence interesting. For most subjects projects are given which are done in school. This helps in building team spirit and co-operation among the children.

High School

 Bridge International offers :

  • ” IGCSE”
  • GCE ” AS and A”

The Curriculum follows the University of Cambridge guidelines which are based on the activity principle where learning occurs through activity and reading. A child’s analytical powers are developed and he/she becomes an active
participant in the quest for experience in a truly international community. Apart from providing technological support, the school believes in a wide range of books on various subjects.

English as a Second Language (ESL Classes)
To cater to diverse requirements of students from various international backgrounds the school arranges for special ESL classes where students learn through differentiated learning strategies in order to improve all four skills of
language to develop proficiency in communication.

IGCSE Board ExamsA student has to take ENGLISH LANGUAGE and MATHEMATICS.

Three subjects from the following list to be chosen : –

Physics Commerce History
Chemistry Accounts Sociology
Biology Economics English Literature
Computer Computer Computer

Anyone subject from the following can be chosen subject to the restriction given below: –

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Art and Design
  • French / Bengali / Hindi / Art
  • Physics / Commerce / Computer
  • Chemistry / Accounts / English Literature
  • Biology / Economics / Sociology
  • Computer / History / Art

Please note that children have to take a minimum of 6 subjects.
‘O’ Level is equivalent to Class X


SUBJECT CHOICE (available as on date)

A student has to take ENGLISH LANGUAGE and can select any 3 subjects from one of the following blocks
ENGLISH LANGUAGE – AS to be written after 2 years of studies : –

1. Physics 1. Business Studies 1. History
2. Chemistry 2. Accounts 2.Sociology
3. Biology 3. Economics 3. English Literature
4. Computing 4. Computing 4. Computing
5. Mathematics 5. Mathematics 5. Psychology
6. Art / Design 6. Art / Design 6. Art / Design


‘AS’ Level is equivalent to Class XI
‘A’ Level is equivalent to Class XII

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